Admission Requirement of Post-Doctorate Degrees in Poland

Post-doctoral education is a specific research based study which is accomplished by carrying out relevant research in university. These programmes are very small and hence only handful of students gets enrolled in them. Poland is a good place as far as higher education goes. Due to its research based learning, most of the major universities run post-doctoral programmes. 

Post-doctoral candidates are paid researchers, who other than publishing their research in scientific magazines also provide guidance to some doctoral graduates in there thesis. In some cases they are also expected to teach or conduct some seminars.

Basic Requirements for Applying in a Post-Doctoral Study

As Post-doctoral studies are very different from usual education, documents and eligibility required for it is very different too. Most of the time, eligibility criteria depends on the individual university, faculty or programme. Therefore it’s hard to assemble a list for qualifications. Still, one thing is sure, you must have a doctorate degree from a recognised university and you must have a viable research plan in place.

Foreign nationals
For overseas students, not living in EU, all the rules applicable in college-level studies are applied. Same passport and visa formalities should be done in respective time frame, to avoid any unnecessary complication.
Key tasks for post-doc in the Project: 
  • Helping the PhD students taking part in the Project: discussion with PhD students working in the Plan in the same research field
  • Leading workshops for PhD students on themes of the Project. 
  • Assist the Project’s PhD students who are making the final versions of their doctoral papers (the official role of assistant advisor is possible); 
  • Steady work on his/her own research development in order to increase the study results of the Project (no less than 3 peer-reviewed publications thru participation in the Project): 
  • Active contribution in all meetings of the Project’s squad, contribution to group work; making individual and team presentations; 
  • Community presentations of research outcomes at conferences in Poland and overseas; publication of the outcomes in recognized magazines and volumes. 
Course Level: Postdoctoral fellowship
Eligibility: The candidates are expected to have a PhD degree in the relevant study discipline.

Government Based Post-Doctoral Internships

A funding opening addressed to scientists with a doctoral degree about to go on board on a career in research. The programme means to facilitate mobility of Polish scholars between different institutes in Poland and to support the discussion of scientific ideas.

Candidate Requirements
  • The applicant specifies an academic tutor inside a higher education institution or research acting organisation where he/she aims to conduct the internship. 
  • The site of the planned internship cannot be similar to the one where the candidate has completed or is finishing studies. 
  • Neither can it be located within the same wojewodztwo (province) where the applicant achieved their academic gradation or is working.
Only offers from within NCN Panels, including basic research may be submitted in reply to NCN calls for offers.
  • Duration: Minimum 12 months and up to 36 months
  • Evaluation criteria: The technical excellence of the planned research, the study portfolio of the candidate and his or her supervisor, the academic position of the host institution. The writers of the best applications will be asked for an interview directed in Polish. Based on the meetings, the Expert Team will choose who to award the scholarships to.
Funding: The successful scholar will be employed in the host institute on a full time basis and can also receive resources to cover the cost of session participation and the purchase of volumes and laboratory equipment.
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