Types of Institutions in Poland

Poland has over 470 organisations of higher education, 130 among them are universities and colleges subsidised by the administration (or government-owned, if you will). What it worth is that the country has a substantial number of educational institutes. Even more remarkably, education in Poland is essentially free (well, citizens recompense the tax, so the charges for schools are secondary). This in turn displays the variety of choice that a regular student has – one can select either a state or a community school.

At present Higher Education Institutions in Poland offer both university-type and vocational education. Most of these institutions perform scientific research and have the right to award both academic degrees and professional titles.

The types of studies they offer are:
  • Vocational Courses - graduates are granted bachelor level titles of: inżynier (inż) or licencjat (lic.);
  • Complementary Magister-Level Courses for holders of professional titles – inżynier (inż) or licencjat (lic.), the graduates get hold of the title of magister or equivalent;
  • Uniform Magister-Level Courses - graduates are awarded master level titles of: magister (mgr), magister sztuki, magister edukacji (mgr ed.), magister inżynier architekt (mgr inż. arch.), magister inżynier (mgr inż.), or lekarz (lek.), lekarz st
  • PhD Studies for Magister-Level Graduates; graduates obtain the academic degree of doktor;
  • omatolog (lek. stom.), lekarz weterynarii (lek. wet.);
  • Post-Graduate Studies.

Major Public Universities in Poland:

Publicly Funded Technical Universities

  • University of Bielsko-Biała (Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej, ATH) 
  • Białystok Technical University (Politechnika Białostocka, PB) 
  • Częstochowa University of Technology (Politechnika Częstochowska, PCz) 
  • Gdańsk University of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska, PG) 
  • Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Politechnika Śląska w Gliwicach, PŚl or Pol.Śl.) 
  • Kielce University of Technology (Politechnika Świętokrzyska, PSK)
  • Koszalin University of Technology (Politechnika Koszalińska, PK) 

Maritime Universities

  • Gdynia Maritime University (Akademia Morska w Gdyni) 
  • Polish Naval Academy (Akademia Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni
  • Szczecin Maritime University (Akademia Morska w Szczecinie) 

Military Universities

  • Akademia Obrony Narodowej 
  • Air Force Academy in Dęblin
  • Military University of Technology in Warsaw 
  • Tadeusz Kościuszko Land Forces Military Academy in Wrocław

Universities of Economics

  • University of Economics in Katowice (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach) 
  • Cracow University of Economics (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie) 
  • Poznań University of Economics (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu) 
  • Wrocław University of Economics (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu) 

Academies of Music

  • Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (Akademia Muzyczna w Bydgoszczy) 
  • Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk (Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku) 
  • University of Music in Katowice (Akademia Muzyczna w Katowicach) 
  • Academy of Music in Krakow (Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie) 
  • Academy of Music in Łodź (Akademia Muzyczna im. Grażyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczow w Łodzi)
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