Poland as Study Destination

Poland is one of the most sought after study destinations in the world. For the past 650 years, the country has imparted education to many high profile professionals. The Polish higher education system is divided into three stages, namely, Bachelor, Master and Doctor. This system applies to all the fields of education except Pharmacy, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Dentistry etc. These fields are based on two stage system including Master and Doctor.

Why Choose Poland as an Option for Studying?

Culture from Poland is well known all around the world in both present achievements and with historical heritage and places. So that students can pursue their studies along with getting to know modern and historical places.
There are various reasons why you should consider the Poland as studying option, and some of them are mentioned below. Studying in Poland comes with many benefits such as:
  • It improves the confidence, adaptability, self-awareness and independence of the student.
  • Acquaintance of inter-cultural communication and various language abilities.
  • A bigger and futuristic vision of the world.
  • The lifelong memories through various adventures in the life.
  • A better understanding of different cultures and personal responsibilities.
  • Adds up superior edge in pursuing further higher studies.

Poland a Step Ahead over Counterparts as Study Destination 

Poland provides congenial atmosphere to the foreign students for study. Some of the advantages of Study in Poland are listed below:

  1. The superior intensity of personal safety: Among many European countries, Poland offers better safety to the all the local as well as international students. No matter what race, origins, cast and beliefs they belong to, everyone will be safe in Poland.

  2. The rapid economic improvement: For the last 20 years the Poland economy has radically risen in many factors allowing more opportunities for local as well as international people employment. Compared to the other countries from Europe, as well as the other part of the world the unemployment  has reduced remarkably.

  3. The low cost of accommodation and studying: Even though Poland has gone through very fast, economical improvement, yet the accommodation and the other necessity things are very cheap as compared to the other countries from all over Europe. The complete month expenses of €200 to 400 are enough to include all expenses like accommodation, transport, food, etc. The total fees for the complete academic year are also around €2000  that is significantly very less than other European countries.

  4. The superior quality learning: The reasonable cost of  studying is not compromised by quality of education, it  is evident from existence of world renowned universities in Poland. Out of so many famous and renowned education institutes and universities located in a different part of the world, the Polish education is known for the oldest education system. It has a history of more than 650 years as compared to the other education in the world. The Polish academy system has started back in the 14th century. The second university in the complete central Europe was the Jagiellonian University that was set up back in the year 1364 in Krakow.  Since then till today, the Polish universities are maintaining the tradition of magnificent education carried by their ancestors.

Basic Requirements for Studying in Poland

Foreign students who wish to study in Poland must meet the minimum requirements for their entry into higher education institutes in Poland. You need;

  • Document of matriculation certificate or equivalent.
  • Intermediate level command over the English language.
Certain departments like physical education, arts, teaching profession and alike hold additional aptitude tests that must be cleared in order to get enrolled. 

Cost of Studying in Poland

Full time education is free for the Polish students in the state institutions of Higher education. Additionally, it is also free for the foreign students who start their studies in at state HEIs with the terms that are applicable to the Polish students. For all others, the tuition fee must be paid. 
  • Higher study professional courses, masters and post graduate masters courses €2000 per annum approximately.
  • Postgraduate specialist courses for doctor, artistic, scientific, habitation and specialist internships €3000 per annum.
  • Apprenticeships and other vocational courses € 3000 per annum
  • Language courses  €2000 per annum
  • Many a times, the HEI may reduce the fee or waive it off completely for special cases.
The expenditures mentioned here are indicative in nature. Actually expenses will defer depending on type of study program and location etc.
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