Scholarship Programmes for International Students in Poland

There are many scholarship programmes for International students coming to study or conduct research in Poland. Some of the scholarship programmes are as follows: 

Scholarships Within Bilateral Agreements

Scholarships within bilateral agreements are financed either be the Polish or the international partner government. There are many scholarships that are provided within this agreement and the objective is to enhance exchange within a particular area of study. The amount of a scholarship depends upon the course of study undertaken. To know more about this scholarship, contact the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (BUWiWM). Website:

ERASMUS+ Programme

ERASMUS+ higher education is a student exchange programme which functions within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ programme. This programme enables the pupil to take up studies in another country without additional study costs, or examination or registration costs. Scholarships offered under this programme cover the living expenses abroad. The value of the scholarship depends upon the home institution and generally varies from institution to institution. To get more details on Erasmus+  Higher Education, see 

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)

The CEEPUS is a multilateral exchange programme with Central and Eastern Europe. It is a transnational Central European university network that brings together universities from 16 Central and Eastern European countries (Poland, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Prishtina/Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia, is also participating) .
  • Eligibility: The exchange students that are nationals of a CEEPUS or an EU/EEA country are eligible to apply.
  • Duration: 3- 10 months 
  • Benefit: Students are exempted from tuition fees and get a grant from the host country depending upon the cost of living in the country
To know more about the network and exchange programme, visit CEEPUS website 

Visegrad Scholarship Programme

The International Visegrad Fund (IVF) provides Master and Post-Master scholarships to pupils for 1 or 2 semesters. The MA scholarships are offered for a period of 1 to 4 semesters. 

Eligible countries: 
Citizens of the following countries are eligible to apply: 
Poland, the Czech Republic, Albania, Montenegro, Armenia, Kosovo, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, and Russia. 

To know more about the visegrad scholarship programme, visit the Visegrad Fund website

Scholarships for Citizens from Developing Countries

Students from developing countries who wish to pursue PhD studies in technical discipline in Poland are eligible for a scholarship funded by the Polish government. The scholarship is also available for pupils doing doctoral studies in Poland. The studies are mostly offered in Polish, but they can be available in other languages as well. To know more about the programme, see  

Fulbright Programme

The Fulbright Programme in Poland started in 1959 and is one of the largest programmes in Central and Eastern Europe. It is an academic exchange programme between Poland and the United States. The Fulbright programme in Polish is managed and conducted by the Polish-US Fulbright Commission. Under this programme, the US citizens can apply for scholarships to study or for research activities. The commission through its various exchange programmes help the students to carry out research, continue their studies, and other educational activities. It also manages the visits and exchanges between the United States and Poland for students, scholars, trainees, professors, and teachers.
To know more see the official website

Lane Kirkland Scholarship Programme

University graduates, who possess at least 2 years of work experience, coming from Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus, and are actively involved in the development of the society or economy in their country, are eligible for this scholarship programme. 
This programme provides 2-semester supplementary studies in the following areas of study:
  • Administration or management
  • Political science and international relations
  • Economic and management
  • Law
  • Public administration-state and local
  • Development policy and humanitarian aid
  • Social sciences- social psychology and sociology
Also, 2-week internship is provided at Polish institutions along with the studies.  To know more about the scholarship, see

Scholarships for Students from Eastern Partnership and from Post-Soviet Countries

Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship Programme

This scholarship programme is for Belarusian pupils who were not able to study in Belarus, to study at the polish universities. The programme provides scholarships for BA, MA and PhD level studies, postgraduate studies in all areas, as well as research internships. To know more about the programme, visit the website

Scholarships for Master's Level Eastern Studies

International students from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Russia, and Caucasus are eligible for specialist eastern studies at the University of Warsaw. This scholarship provides educational opportunities for young specialist.  Students who have completed their studies and their age is below 30 years of are eligible to apply for MA studies.  They should also have a good knowledge of Polish and English language. To know more about this scholarship, visit the website

Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme

Pupils, who have finished their BA studies in economic, life sciences, law, technical sciences, or European studies, are eligible for this scholarship programme.  Also, the student must have a good knowledge of Polish language. To know about this scholarship programme, visit the website  

Scholarship Programme for Eastern Partnership Ph.D Students in Humanities and Social Sciences

The scholarship programme is a part of the Eastern Partnership project and is available for citizens of Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Moldova.  This scholarship programme is for young researchers and MA graduates, who want to carry on with their studies in the fields of humanities and social studies. To know more about this scholarship programme, see  

Scholarship Programme for Young Scientists from Post-Soviet Countries

The scholarship programme is for students from post-Soviet countries who have received a degree in social science or humanities with some academic achievements.  This scholarship programme includes a 9-month research internship. They can apply for the scholarship programme in Polish diplomatic and consular missions. To get more details on the programme, visit the website  
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