Selecting the Right Program in Poland

Going abroad especially in a country like Poland is a tough decision but it can be life changing decision since, it exposes students to new education system, improved career opportunities, new culture and a wide-ranging perceptions. However, once you’re clear about Poland as your study destination, the next big thing is to select the right program in Poland.
Choosing a perfect  study program is very tough job. Since, your future career depends on it so taking a careful decision is crucial. The most important thing to consider while studying abroad is language barrier. Typically, make sure that you select a place where your native language is spoken partially. It can help in communicating with locals. Generally, English is a language which is accepted by every country across world. Other than that choosing a good location is also important as far as economic viability and your interests are concerned. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a detailed and informed decision and not taken in haste.

Few points that can assist you in choosing the right program:
1.Your interest matters: Think about the fields that you like and gather information  about Polish programs you can consider creating your career in. These areas may be your preference or subject you were good in college.

2.Use the Internet to Research: When choosing the best career option, the most vital thing is to research as much as you can. Today, Internet is considered to be the sea of the information. Check online for courses available in Polish colleges that you are interested in; find its job prospects, curriculum, and best universities to pursue that. You should also speak to people who are in similar field as yours. Internet can help you with research, but don’t let research come between your dreams. 

3.Go through Subject Matter: The most essential thing to be tested while researching is the progress content. Many times, you may not discover the course content good enough for your level. In other words, it may contain  subjects that are difficult for you. To avert any disappointments later on, make certain to review the course plan of the program you want to apply for. The content can vary in universities and institutes liable to their affiliation. 

4.Course Duration: If you are going for post graduate or Ph.D. courses then you might not want to study them, full time. Check the length of courses, part time and full time distinctly. In Poland, the undergraduate courses are usually 3 years to 4 years. While post graduate courses are 2 to 3 and doctorate is 3 to 4 years. Time period of the courses varies in every university.

5.Basic Admission Requirements: When applying in Polish universities, check the admission requirements clearly. Natives always have a better edge in applying to colleges and need fewer regulations. For undergraduate, post graduate, doctorate, and post-doctorate admission requirements are: 
  • Candidates must have finished their higher secondary education for the undergraduate courses, their graduation for post -graduation courses and diploma or post-graduation for doctorate.
  • Applicants must have passed the college entrance examination in their own country. 
  • Applicants must own VISA and credential signed with government of that country. 
  • GRE, GMAT, iBT TOFEL, and IELTS exam score, where required.  
6.Fees: When you apply for higher education in overseas countries, the fees to be paid doubles or triples. Though, locals pay half of the fees than the international students so  look for the charges of the program that you hope to apply and choose if it fits your budget or not. 

As there is pool of study options available for diverse interests, so making watchful choices after good research is crucial. Poland has always welcomed pupils from foreign countries and making all possible effort to mark their stay acceptable in the country.
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