Matura Exam in Poland

In the Polish education system, the maturita exam is officially known as “matura” (egzamin maturalny). The matura exam is taken at the end of high school education, generally in May with retakes available in August. This exam is not mandatory, although Polish pupils are required to pass this exam in order to apply for higher education studies at Poland universities. 

The exams are conducted by the Central Examination Board (Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna; CKE), supported by a number of Regional Examination Boards (Okręgowa Komisja Egzaminacyjna; OKE). 

The matura exam comprises of the written and oral exams from selected subjects. The matura exam has undergone some transformation which came into effect as from 2005, called as the new system (Nowa matura).  Under the new system, the written exam is evaluated by independent examiners. As a result, the polish higher education institutions accept students primarily on the basis of the matura results. 

The matura exam comprises of 3 compulsory exams at basic level (poziom podstawowy) and 6 additional exams at extended level (poziom rozszerzony). From 2015 onwards, pupils are required to take up 6 mandatory exams, including one optional.

Compulsory Exams

The three compulsory exams are in the following subjects:
  • Polish language and European literature
  • Modern language: Can be French, Italian, English, Russian, German, or Spanish
  • Mathematics

Additional Exams

Candidates can select a maximum of 6 additional exams. The additional exam can be chosen from the following subjects:
  • Compulsory subjects at extended level
  • History, Biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, knowledge of dance, geography, history of art, modern language, history of music, information technology, Latin and Ancient History, philosophy, languages of ethnic groups in Poland-Belarusian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and the Kashubian language.
**Exams in Polish language and other languages comprises of written as well as oral examination. 

For exclusive details about Matura Exam see official website of Central Examination Commission
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