SAT in Poland

The SAT is primarily a standardised test that is known as Scholastic Assessment test or the Scholastic Aptitude Test. This examination or test is made used by numerous universities and colleges in the United States of America in selecting the fresh talent. This exam is undertaken many times annually and is administered strictly by the college board.

The SAT test is worldly known and recognised admission test for colleges that allow you to display colleges as to how much you know about various topics and how can you use that knowledge in application. It primarily tests your knowledge of math, writing, and reading skills; these are among the topics that are taught right from high schools. The majority of the students apply for their examination during the senior or junior year of high school. Almost all the universities, as well as colleges, make use of or refer the score of SAT in order to make decisions when it comes to the admission of a particular student.

If you want to get into the best college or the college of your choice, then taking the SAT is the best things for you. College is very important as this is where you can further pursue your passion and develop necessary skills in order to sustain in the world competition. You can take the SAT in various countries such as SAT in Poland, in Portland and many other nations across the globe. One also needs to be aware that your high school grades are equally important as your SAT scores in order to get you enrolled in the college of your liking and for your future academic success. 

SAT has various classifications and is divided into the following. SAT I consists of three primary critical readings bifurcations namely paragraph-length critical reading, sentence completions, and reading comprehensions. One section out of them takes about twenty minutes and the other two takes about twenty-five minutes. In the comprehension section, you need to read the passages and then answer the questions appropriately that are asked in the paper. When it comes to sentence completion, you will have to fill appropriate words or word in the blanks provided. One needs to have a good knowledge of complicated sentences as well as need to have a strong vocabulary.

The SAT exam consists of three sections in mathematics, namely data analysis and probability, geometry statistics, algebra, and function. 

SAT Test Duration

The SAT exam requires about three hours in forty-five minutes. The test is inclusive of Three writing sections, three math sections, and three critical reading sections. The writing portion had an experimental section, as well as an essay section. All of the above needs to be completed in a given period.

Eligibility of the SAT Test

SAT subject test or SAT Reasoning test or both are applied for by students of senior or junior year of high school. Students from Poland need to have finished their high school from any university. These eligible students can apply for higher college education in American colleges.

SAT Locations in Poland

Locations in Poland where you can apply for the SAT:
  • The INTL SCH of Krakow
  • The British SCH
  • Gdanskie Szkoly Autonomiczne
  • American SCH of Warsaw

How to Register for SAT Online in Poland

Online registration is the easiest and the quickest way of registration:
  • You need to select the test centre as well as your test date in real time. 
  • Apply for the test and immediately receives a confirmation of registration.
  • While applying online, you can avail a 24 hour access for correcting or printing your admission ticket.

Register by Mail

If you are going to make the test payment by money order or check, then you can avail the option of registering on mail. Remember that the money order or check needs to be payable to The college board. If you are younger than the age of thirteen years, you can register with the help of an SAT representative. Remember that one needs the student registration guide for the SAT subject tests as well as SAT test if you are going to register by mail. This is available at your high school counsellor. This particular guide comes with a return envelope that has the registration form attracted to the same. You will require a college board code number for your high school, test centres, scholarship programs, college as well as college majors while filling out the form. You can make use of the code list from your counsellor or the code search tool on the online official website of SAT in order to find these codes. You can apply by doing the above, and you can get more information from your school or college counsellors. 
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